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Ro speaks at Vision Academy High School


This week I had a chance to speak to the high school students at Vision Academy High School. The kids were very attentive and inspired by the message I gave. We took excerpts from my book, The Power of Possibility,…
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New Book projected for December 2014

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Pre-Order Now! The long awaited Third Book from Roosevelt Wright, III is finally ready. Get The Ring Keep The Ring is the perfect book for women and men, single or married. It is the bible for understanding your relationship or…
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Ep3: Hole In The Wall


Ro¬†and Lady discuss building your kid’s self esteem. Poet Anthony Ragler, Author Hannah Spivey, and Songstress Nell Simmons join the show. Plus they roast your favorite Blues songs! Featured music from Outkast, Jhene Aiko, Beyonce, and Al B. Sure. Music…
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